We also have a 3-pack of magnets available - attach to your decoys and then attach EZWing for real flapping wing action 

We have the three things you need for a sucessful hunt

Innovation.... Design.... Technology 

These come in 3 packs with 3 22” fiberglass rods with a magnetic end. Stick the rod in the ground and attach EZWings. Fast and Easy!!

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Snow Goose EZWings (No Rods)
  • $14.99
Canada Goose/Crow EZ Wings
  • $23.89
Duck/Speck Decoy EZ Wings
  • $24.89
Duck/Speck EZ Wings (No Rods)
  • $13.99
Canada Goose/Crow EZ Wings (No Rods)
  • $14.99