Bird Vision UV Decoy Paint will take your waterfowl decoys to the next level with an even more realistic look. Birds enjoy sharper vision than us, allowing them to see in the UV spectrum, which we cannot see. Your standard decoy paint is absorbing UV and not reflecting UV. This causes your decoys to look unrealistic--not the right color like realistic feathers. Now that has changed with the introduction of the patent pending Bird Vision UV Reflective Decoy Paints! With this revolutionary UV reflective Decoy paint, you can repaint your old decoys to make them look more realistic to waterfowl. UV Bird Vision decoy paint matches the UV reflectance of feathers in a full range of light to birds, which includes (UV) ultraviolet. Birds see 4 primary colors red, green, blue and ultraviolet. All colors visible to birds are blends and combinations of these 4 colors. Humans cannot see UV this 4th color as we do not have the 4th cone in our eyes.

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54 products found in UV Decoy Paint - Bird Vision

Bird Vision Mallard Orange Decoy Paint 1 Pint
  • $23.99
Bird Vision Hen Mallard Iridescent Purple 2 oz.
  • $14.99
Bird Vision Decoy Bonding Primer Paint
  • From $35.99
Bird Vision Tan Decoy Paint 1 quart
  • $34.99
Bird Vision Blind White
  • From $29.99
Bird Vision Decoy Paint Black
  • From $34.99
Bird Vision Decoy Paint Eyeball Gloss Black 1 pint
  • $39.99
Bird Vision Eyeball Gloss Black Decoy Paint 1 oz.
  • $9.99
BV UV Reflective Wall Coating White (1 Gallon)
  • $159.99
Bird Vision Wood Pigeon UV Reflective Decoy Paint Kit
  • $56.99
Bird Vision "New" Turkey Decoy Paint Kit
  • $34.99
Bird Vision Wood Pigeon Gray Decoy Paint 1 pint
  • $19.99
Bird Vision M and F Black Scoter Duck Decoy Paint Kit
  • $52.99
Bird Vision Greylag Goose Decoy Paint Kit
  • $60.99
Bird Vision Cinnamon Teal Decoy Paint Kit
  • $54.99
Bird Vision Brant Brent Goose Decoy Paint Kit
  • $55.99
Bird Vision Old Squaw Duck Decoy Paint Kit
  • $52.99
Bird Vision Ring-Necked Duck Decoy Paint Kit Male & Female
  • $59.99